Ford Pickup Trucks 1940-1947

Cab corner repairs $70

Hey, Ford Truck fans!

My old friend "Newc" is a Ford nut. He is still driving his '53 flathead to work. He got us started building these parts so he could rebuild the doors for his '34 Pick Up. I think we have supplied him with parts to rebuild two dozen doors by now, so these parts fit!

We are listing what we are presently manufacturing and will just keep adding door and cab parts as we develop them.

We need your input to help build this section!

You tell us what parts you need, and we'll make them for you, especially if you can send us your old rusted out parts as patterns. With your help we can build this parts list up to size of what our Alfa Romeo section is. If you haven't already, click here and check out the Alfa section to see what this page can also become.

Call prior to returning parts

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